The Recreation Centers of Sun City Board Policy 12 applies to all chartered clubs, including the Best Friends Dog Club. The Club's Rules and Regulations are additional provisions to Board Policy 12. Members are encouraged to acquaint themselves with both documents which are available in the Club room during membership meetings and on our website




         A.        Annual Dues:

       Annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board, approved by the membership, and payable January 1 st of each year. The year extends from January 1 st through December 31 st of each year.

2.             Clubs must submit a current membership roster as required by RCSC listing the names and RCSC Recreation Numbers of each member.

3.             Membership rosters will be confidential and made available to the Board and committee chairs.

4.             Persons wishing to join the club after September 1 st shall pay the annual dues fee, which will carry through the following year.

5.             Guests (non-RCSC Cardholders) may attend meetings for the fee required by RCSC. 

6.             Guests may not displace RCSC members at any time.


Executive Board SECTION 1:

       Officers and Terms of Office: The Executive Board shall be elected by vote of the general membership comprised of the following officers:

1.                President(s)

2.                Vice President

3.                Secretary

4.                Treasurer

5.                Immediate Past President serves in an advisory capacity for a period of one year.

6.                Parliamentarian is appointed by the President and serves in an advisory capacity with no voting privilege.

7.                At a minimum the Executive Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary/ Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

8.                Board members cannot be paid for services while holding an office.

9.                Additional Board members are appointed by the President and serve for a period of one year with voting privilege.

10.             All Board members are expected to attend meetings.

11.             Committee Chairs designated by the Board may be included in Board meetings.

12.             Elected and appointed Board members shall each have one vote.

B.      Terms of Office:

1.    The term of office for all elected officers shall be one year.

2.    The Vice President should be willing to accept the nomination of president.

         C.      Vacancy:

1.    In the event of a vacancy in an elected position, the Executive Board shall make an appointment, which shall be confirmed by a vote of the membership, to serve the remainder of the term. The exception would be the President(s) which is filled by the Vice President.

D.        Responsibilities:

The Executive Board shall be responsible for the control and management of the affairs, property, and interests of the club.

1.    The Board may spend up to $1000.00 without membership approval

2.    The Board may pay for instructors' fees without membership approval.

3.    All expenditures other than petty cash receipts must have the approval of the Executive Board.

4.    Clubs are required to obtain written approval from the RCSC Assistant General Manager prior to ordering any new equipment or disposing of any old equipment.

5.    The Board will determine the fees, length of training classes, and number of students per class based upon recommendations from the Training Director.

6.    The Board makes the final recommendations for inappropriate behavior or member conduct issues.


Duties of Officers

SECTION 1: Duties:

 The President(s) shall:

      Preside at all general and special meetings.

2.             Appoint all committee chairs subject to Board approval. The President is ex officio on all committees except Nominating and Audit.

3.             Direct all activities of the Executive Board and call special Executive Meetings as needed.

4.             Make all requests and communications to the RCSC in writing or appoint a representative if needed, with written notification filed in the Club Office.

5.             Ensure that the Club's Rules and Regulations are updated as required by RCSC.

6.             Ensure that the variations and additions to RCSC BP:12 are updated as required by RCSC.

7.             Consult the Club's Coordinator as required by RCSC when assistance is needed.

8.             Supervise the timely filing of reports.

9.             Maintain a petty cash fund not to exceed $100.00

         B.        The Vice President shall:

1.    Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.

2.    Preside in the absence of the President(s) and succeed the President(s) in office due to vacancy for any reason.

3.    Be willing to accept the nomination for President.

4.    Serve as the Director of Training Committee

C.      The Secretary shall:

1.     Record minutes of all meetings, read, and retain (for 3 years) all Club correspondence.

2.    Provide minutes from the previous meeting at each meeting.

3.    Assist the President and other officers with correspondence

D.           The Treasurer shall:

1.    Be the custodian of all funds and collect and disburse all non petty cash funds by check only.

2.    Keep a financial record of all transactions in accordance with the accounting requirements of RCSC. Maintain 3 years prior.

3.    Deposit all monies in the name and to the credit of this Club in a bank designated by the Executive Board.

4.    Prepare and submit the Annual Financial Report to the Chartered Clubs Office within 30 days after the close of the fiscal year.

5.    File IRS email form 990(E-Postcard) electronically by April 15 of each year.

6.    All checks must also be signed by two of the following officers; President(s), Vice President or Treasurer.

7.    Complete 1099 Miscellaneous forms for instructors receiving $600.00 or more in compensation. Complete and file transmittal letter to the IRS. Maintain for 7 years.

8.    Present a financial report at the Executive Board Meeting and membership meetings. This may be given orally or from a written copy, at the discretion of the Executive Board.

9.    Checks up to $30.00 may be issued by the Treasurer with one signature, provided the expense has been approved by the Executive Board.


Elections, Monitors, Meetings, Guests

SECTION 1 - Elections

 The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by April of each year and shall make its recommendation for the slate of officers to the Executive Board by November 1.

1.    The slate is to be listed in the Club's Newsletter or on the web site and be published at least 10 days prior to the election.

2.    The election will be held at the November membership meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor.

3.    If there are no nominations from the floor and only one individual is running for each office, an acclamation vote shall be taken by voice or show of hands.

4.    With the exception of Co-Presidents, two people from the same household may not serve on the Board as Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.

SECTION 2 - Quorum

*    A quorum is based on total membership. For membership of up to 100 members the quorum shall be 20%. For membership of more than 101-400 members the quorum shall be 10%.

1.    Roberts' Rules of Order are used as a guide for conducting meetings, to be superseded by the Rules & Regulations or RCSC BP 12 where there is a discrepancy.

SECTION 3 -Monitors

A.  Volunteer(s) selected by the membership chair shall greet all members and guests at each membership meeting.

B.   Instructors serve as the monitors during class sessions

SECTION 4 -Meetings

A.  Executive Board Meetings shall be held a minimum of two times a year.

B.   Regular meetings of the Club shall be held October through April.

1.    Visitors (RCSC cardholder non-members) may attend for a total of two times after which they will be required to join the club.

C.   Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a polite manner so as not to jeopardize the rights and privileges of other members.

D.  Membership badges will be issued and are to be worn at official dog club functions, meetings and classes.

1.    Badges are the responsibility of each member.

2.    Replacement badges are $1.00.


Training, Instructors, Dog Aggression Policy

SECTION 1 - Training

A. The Training Director will consult with the instructors for input regarding their availability, classes, and number of sessions. The Training Director will report to the Executive Board with the recommendations.

B.      All handlers must be a member or a registered guest.  Guests (non-RCSC Cardholders) may attend classes for a fee determined by the Executive Board but must be accompanied by a member sponsor.  If the Host Punch Card is not used, the fee should be reported and submitted to the Club Office as required by RCSC.

C.      Class participants shall assist instructors with set-up and removal of equipment.

D.      Class sizes shall be at the discretion of the Trainers with the approval of the Training Director.

E.      All dogs must have a current rabies certificate, a record of which is kept on file by the Training Director.  Dogs must be four months old to be enrolled in any class other than Puppy class.  Puppy class dogs must have proof of two sets of required shots and be at least 10 weeks and less than four months of age.

F.      Class tuition checks are to be made payable to Best Friends Dog Club. A portion of the class tuition goes to the Club and a portion to the instructor. The Treasurer should issue a check to the instructors by the second week of the training session.

G.      No new students will be enrolled after the classes commence.

H.      No refund checks will be issued after classes commence.

SECTION 2 - Instructors

       All instructors are to fill out an Independent Contractor Agreement stating dates, times, and terms of instruction a minimum of 7 days prior to rendering services and shall be filed by the President with the Chartered Club Office.

B.           Members who are paid for their services are not eligible for office.

SECTION 3 - Dog Aggression Policy

A.  It is not the purpose of the Best Friends Dog Club to remediate dog aggression issues. The Club exists to provide activities for well-mannered companion dogs as well as other activities of dog owners. Owners who are faced with aggression issues are referred to any of the excellent resources that exist outside of Sun City.

B.  Aggressive dog behavior in class will be determined by the class instructor.  Aggressive dogs will be removed immediately from class.

1.   Instances of dog aggression, as determined by the instructor and Director of Training, will be referred to the Executive Board. An owner may appeal a class dismissal to the Executive Board. The Board's assessment of the dog's status within the club will be final.

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