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Dog Lovers Brag About Their Pets

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Dog lovers tell about best friends
                 (Part 2)

Posted: Monday, October 8, 2012 3:00 am | Updated: 2:38 pm, Fri Oct 5, 2012.

In last week’s column, Best Friends Dog Club members had an opportunity to brag about their dogs. This week, how everyone ended up with their pooches.

Wally, 10, a Jack Russell terrier was a year old, wandering outside our front yard as I was getting ready to leave for work. I put him in the back yard and called the Humane Society and they said to call animal control.

We asked how to adopt him if the owners didn’t claim him and drove around looking for posted signs, looked in the paper for a lost dog and called the county every day to see if he had been claimed. We got him.

The day after bringing him home, a couple of kids saw my husband with Wally and said it was their aunt’s dog named Chopper and he had gotten out. He gave them his business card and said for the aunt to call. She never did.

Laura Palmer said her 4-year-old Maltese, Mikey, is a rescue dog.

“The Sun City Fire Department rescued him from a home here in town. The owner had passed away and no one knew it for about a week, and so the fire department was alerted by the mail carrier that the papers and mail were piling up and so they went into the house and they found her and they found Mikey and they estimated he had probably been with her for seven days.

“So it’s a miracle that he’s even here. He’s the first rescue dog I’ve ever had, because I’ve always had show dogs, so I’ve always known who the parents were. In this case I didn’t but he has such a sweet personality, I’m going to take him home, well then I couldn’t give him back. I recommend to everybody now that I’ve had a rescue dog and that if you’re thinking about doing that, that’s what you need to do. They’re so grateful that you saved them,” Palmer said.

“I found Jimee running down Olive, he was heading towards El Mirage about 1:30 in the morning two days before Thanksgiving, I made a U-turn, called him and he came running, jumped in the car and he was filthy dirty, stinky,” said Marianna Van Dijk about her 6-year-old Shih Tzu.

“He was happy so I took him home, gave him a bath, we gave him some food, a good place to sleep and took him to the vet to see who he was, identify him and we found the phone number and address and we called and they had a disconnected phone, and the house, we check online and everything was in foreclosure, so we kept him.” Van Dijk said.

Phyllis Davis said her 8-year-old goldendoodle, Morgan, was a retirement gift from her boss. “I had a great boss and I had just lost a golden retriever that I’d had for 16 years and he just felt I needed to have another dog.

“So he bought her in Ohio and he shipped her out to California for me when was 8 weeks old. She’s the only animal I’ve had that hasn’t been a rescue,” she said.

Ada Jane Cowper got Toby, a 9-year-old white schnauzer on her husband’s suggestion. She saw a cat in the paper and was going to see it. “It was on the other side of the city, and my husband said, ‘Look, here are little schnauzers, why don’t we go and look at those first on our way?’ So we did, and Toby was the last little one left and we bought him. I had had a schnauzer before and so I just love schnauzers.”

Joe Paws, a 3-year-old Coton Detulear was given to Susan and Darrell Sipe from their daughter who raises them.

“He was born in a puppy mill and when they found out he had a damaged leg, they sent him to a shelter, one of the rescue places, and a friend of mine went and fell in love with him,” said Suzy Morrison of Indy, a 5-year-old part Yorkie.

“She brought him home and she had him for about a year and two months and then she died unexpectedly. The police just were going to send him to animal control and I said, ‘There’s no way in the world, because I was afraid they would put him down because of the bad leg. So, I took him home with the other little dog she had and they didn’t like being separated so I kept both of them,” said Morrison.

Monty Miguel, a 5-year-old Havanese came from Hungary said Bunny Borchert. “He was bred and born in Hungary, but of Cuban descent because the Havanese were bred in Cuba for the circus and it’s three breeds mixed together. He went from Hungary to a puppy mill in Missouri. From there, he came to Arizona and he was put in a pet store. He was purchased in a pet store by a gentleman for his mother. He disappeared overnight.

“My friend found him at three o’clock in the morning at 111th and Thunderbird in the middle of the road. How he got from all the way downtown Phoenix to Sun City is a miracle. We don’t know. His paws were not injured or anything, so someone picked him up, stole him from this house and dropped him off down here. That’s what we think.

“I took him to my vet, he was microchipped, so we traced him all the way back to that owner. She didn’t want him back. But I got all his papers, he’s a purebred dog,” Borchert said.

Buddy, an 8-year-old Aussie Shepherd mix was a stray. Pat Estok said, “When we found him, he took to us better than other people,” she said. They’ve had Buddy six years.

Skelli Dedmon says how she got Mitzi her 12 year old custom blend lab/heeler/terrier.

“We lost our 14 year old Border Collie and we were just moving to Sun City from Phoenix and we decided to wait a year and when Christmas came up, on the top of my list I had, puppy puppy puppy, and I’ll pick it out. And so for Christmas Bruce (husband) gave me a book about dog breeds and he figured that would keep me busy for a year so I could pick the breed that really fit with our lifestyle. I read it in three days and said, ‘I would like a black Lab,’ but I realized they were too big for our lifestyle, but in the paper that day, there was one ad under pets and it said, free to loving home. Black Lab mix and we got the dog, out of 11. She interviewed 11 people and she gave us the dog,” Dedmon said.

Jan Sniderman had just had shoulder surgery and the women who took care of her, took her phone number and called a week later.

“Her pool had backed flush into the house and she had standing water. Her mother was ill, she was a single mom, she had this little dog and the 4-year-old, threw the dog in the pool and the dog bit the 4-year-old in the face.” Jan and her husband Lou went to pick up the dog to foster him and find a home for him.

“Two hours later we called her back and said, ‘Never mind, we’re going to keep him because Chip got along with him.’” Peanut is now an 8-year-old pappillon/poodle mix.

They got Chip, a 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier, through Jack Russell Rescue. “He was mauled by a standard-size poodle and the owners were in their 70s. He was a puppy.”

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