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Latest Pet Food Recalls
Dog Food Brand Recalls
Pet Edge Toothpaste (more info)
Bravo Food Salmonella fears (more info)
Jerky Treats bring new threats (more info)

Skunk scent remover from your dog

1 qt white vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp Dawn dish soap
Mix in spray bottle - spray dog well & towel off mixture. Bathe as usual.

Valley Fever Info

Dogs comprise the majority of cases of animal Valley Fever. Full information on infection, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Valley Fever in dogs Symptoms <-- click here.

Free Rescue Alert Sticker

Get a rescue alert sticker to let people know that pets are inside your home, in the event that there is an emergency.
Be sure to place a Vial of Life inside your frig ( butter dish area) not only for you, but for your pets as well.  

Poison Plants

Dogs, cats and exotic pets frequently have access to a wide variety of common plants around the home. Some of these plants can be toxic to your pet, if they chew or eat the plant.
Here is a list of potentially poisonous plants. 
If you think your pet has ingested any toxic plant material, call your vet, or National Poison Control Center, immediately: 888.426.4435
Why pick up dog poop?
   (especially in
      our own yard!)
Sacrifice a few non-biodegradable plastic bags in favor of keeping our neighborhood disease free. Learn how waste contributes to the fly and parasite population in our community. And now that even plastic bags can be environmentally friendly, we really have no excuse.


Click here: Visit this site and learn about ten reasons to pick up poop.
  What you don't know  
  (about dog treats) can
  hurt your dog!








Grapes and raisins can have a fatal effect on your pet. Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, kidney failure, diarrhea, lethargy and abdominal pain. If your dog has ingested grapes or raisins, bring him to your vet immediately!

Onions cause hemolytic anemia, which means that the red blood cells break down leaving the dog short of oxygen. In some dogs it is enough to severely weaken or kill the dog. Common symptoms that would be noticeable are dark colored urine, fever, dizziness, weakness, confusion, increased heart rate and heart murmur. Seek veterinary care immediately.

Raw salmon carries a bacteria that if left untreated can be fatal in 7 to 10 days. Symptoms can be high fever, gastro-intestinal upset, dehydration and enlarged lymph nodes. Can be difficult to distinguish from Parvovirus. Seek veterinary care for proper diagnosis and treatment.
The other favorites of dogs and humans alike is chocolate. As much as they love it, chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which will accelerate your pet's heartbeat to dangerous highs, often fatally. Vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, heart arrhythmias, muscle tremors, rapid breathing, hyperactivity, and seizures are signs that your dog has been poisoned. This also includes caffeinated beverages such as sodas, teas, and coffees.

Matthew Balkman of Issaquah uses cheese to reward his dog "Beau."  He used to use Greenies, a doggie treat designed to clean teeth and freshen doggie breath.  The dogs do like 'em. They're tasty; he liked eating them." 
     But last May, Beau acted started acting sluggish after eating one.  "He wasn't eating at all," Balkman said. "I took him to the vet, the vet monitored him for a day and said there was something obstructing his bowel, 'We need to go in and operate.'" 


Dr. Jayne Jensen performed the operation and removed a large green lump from Beau's intestine.  "She handed it to me, asked me if I knew what this is, and I said, 'Yes, that's a Greenie...'"
     The package says Greenies are "100 percent edible" but a company spokes-woman told us they are "85 percent digestible." 
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