The Best Friends Dog Club of Sun City, Arizona, and Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue are carrying out the mission of a project called Pets Emergency Temporary Solutions. The PETS project is composed of professionals and volunteers who focus on providing for emergency needs of pets in our local communities.

Karen Wellert, owner of Adult Assistance Homecare and a pet lover herself, wanted to help spread the word about the PETS project, so her company designed and printed 30,000 PETS brochures. With the help of the Sun City Sheriff’s Posse, the PETS brochure (click here to download) will be mailed and distributed to residents and visitors throughout Sun City.

"Pet lovers often feel their animals are members of the family, and preparing for an emergency ahead of time will keep their pet safe and out of danger,"  said Wellert. "Companionship of a pet is particularly valuable to a senior who may live alone," Wellert said. "It’s our way of giving back to citizens of Sun City and to help ensure that both the senior and their pets will be cared for in case of an emergency."

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